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We collect and deal in all sorts of Manuscripts (Handwritten) Books and Documents,
however early Printed Books (pre-1800) are also purchased occasionally.


We are collectors and dealers in rare antiquarian manuscripts, books and documents. We began our journey as collectors of manuscripts in year 2010, but shortly we began dealing with other fellow collectors and dealers after expanding our network of suppliers and purchase capacity. Today we deal with many important collectors worldwide, old book libraries, private and governmental institutions and museums. we travel worldwide in quest of important and rare books and documents while extending our network. We are always able to pay immediately for your old and rare books after careful evaluation of your items by our expert team. You can get a Free & Fair Book Evaluation in shortest time by contacting us 24/7. We provide immediate cash offers if you wish to sell upon receiving our evaluation.


• Early Manuscripts (Pre-1400 A.D)

• Biblical Manuscripts

• Islamic Manuscripts

• Illuminated Manuscripts

• Illustrated Manuscripts

• Miniature Manuscripts

• Fine Calligraphy Manuscripts

• Manuscripts with Distinct Bindings

• Unidentified Manuscripts



Religious Books

Holy Scriptures; Mainly Quran, Bible, Torah, and Avesta.  But also, various sacred books of other religions. In addition to the Holy Books, every religion offers numerous Prayer Books, Meditations, Inspirational and Devotional Books, as well as books in Rituals and Ceremonies, laws and traditions, and history that we evaluate and buy regularly.

Literature & Culture

Literature is considered to be an art form and an important part of every culture and civilization. We highly value Literature Books such as Poetry Books, Prose, Novels, Short Stories, Essays and all sorts of writings that have Artistic or Intellectual Value. Cook Books and Books written on Cultural Heritage and Customs of Nations, their Mythologies, Traditions, Habits, Norms, Rituals, Ceremonies, and Trades.

Occult & Magic Books

Occult or “Knowledge of the Hidden” is another wide area of interest for us. Mysticism, Alchemy, Magic, Astrology, Witchcraft, Symbology, Secret Societies and Their Rituals, Oracles and Ancient Wisdom as well as books about Amulets, Talismans, Rocks & Minerals, Charms, Horoscopes, and Numerology.

Science & Philosophy

This category is concerned with the written transmission of knowledge in the fields of Medicine, Botany, Astronomy, Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, and Zoology. We may aspire other scientific topics once evaluated by our experts.


First & Foremost Priority:

Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, English, Aramaic, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Georgian, Armenian, Azeri, Russian.

Second Priority:

French, Italian, Spanish, German.

Important Note: Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise to work with other languages until now and we are working hard on expanding our network of book experts in additional languages. We understand the value and importance of all languages and we welcome any recommendation and collaboration with experts in other languages.

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We Evaluate, Restore & Buy all Sorts of Islamic Manuscripts

The term Islamic manuscript refers to the manuscripts produced in the countries where Islam was the main religion or the religion of the rulers of the country, and does not imply or suggest any religious context of the item. Unlike the term Biblical manuscript, Jewish manuscript, Buddhist manuscript-which refers solely to their religious content-the term Islamic manuscript is used to describe all sorts of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world.  Language also has a very important role in the characterization of a manuscript as Islamic. Mostly manuscripts produced in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, and Urdu languages, all fall under this category despite the religion or faith of the author and the content of the text.

Our department of Islamic Manuscript has the best experts in the world from top museums, libraries and restoration centers.   This is our main and largest department with a very wide international network of professionals from dealers and collectors of Islamic manuscripts to galleries, museums and top auction houses worldwide. We also provide professional services such as conservation and restoration of books and manuscripts upon request.


Biblical manuscript refers to any handwritten part of the text of the Bible, from scrolls of Jewish scriptures (Torah) to the complete Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) that is known to Christians as the Old Testament, and furthermore right up to the Bible or the New Testament. The main languages used in the study of Biblical manuscripts are Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

Although Biblical manuscripts have been preserved more than any other ancient work of literature and are widely available, yet they are still highly collectable and in demand, specially the illuminated copies.



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